Refinery CCUS

Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

28365365体育在线An integrated suite of technologies to capture, process, store and monitor CO2 emissions produced from fossil fuels.

Our Approach

CCUS is essential to meet the world’s climate goals. We deliver certainty and efficiency with our broad portfolio and expertise in complex projects.

Carbon capture

Solutions for multiple industries and carbon capture processes

Baker Hughes can deliver proprietary post-combustion capture solutions based on amines and the Chilled Ammonia Process. We execute concept/feasibility studies, FEED services and deliver key performance equipment. We also integrate CO2 compression and conditioning to meet utilization conditions.

We serve a range of industries including: 

  • Cement 
  • Chemicals
  • Ethanol
  • Iron and Steel
  • Oil and gas 
  • Power

Carbon project consultation and design
CO2 Compression Technology
Well design and construction, storage and EOR
Monitoring and post-injection site stewardship
Geographic survey
Early Engagement

Carbon project consultation and design

Our industry leading carbon project consultation services can help you assess project feasibility and economics, evaluate and permit storage reservoirs, design reliable and efficient transport and surface facilities and deploy integrity monitoring to reduce project risk.

drill rig
CO2 storage and use

Well design and construction, storage and EOR

As a pioneer in drilling carbon storage wells, Baker Hughes integrated approach to well design, drilling, completions and well construction simplifies the development of CCUS facilities and enables cost effective injection for storage and enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Field monitoring
Integrity management

Monitoring and post-injection site stewardship

Ensuring the long-term integrity of carbon storage reservoirs is paramount. Build peace of mind into your CCUS operations through well integrity management, effective closure techniques and ongoing monitoring.