Don’t waste your money drilling unnecessary wells.  Find a solution that balances your drilling objectives with your economic reality. From a fast, durable bit to a rotary steerable service with advanced reservoir navigation capabilities, we’ll make sure you get the drilling answer you need. Drill it, steer it, land it –precisely, safely, smoothly.

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Products & Services

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

AutoTrak eXact RSS

AutoTrak eXact rotary steerable drilling system

AutoTrak G3 RSS

AutoTrak G3 RSS

Photo of two men at the rig site

AutoTrak X-treme rotary steerable system

Rig site photo

Completion assembly services

DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid animation still

DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid

Dynamus drill bit animation still

Dynamus extended-life drill bit

Mach 5 Hybrid Drill Bit photo

Kymera Mach 5 hybrid drill bit

MAX-BRIDGE animation still

MAX-BRIDGE advanced bridging solution