Understand your reservoir to develop it efficiently and effectively.

28365365体育在线It all starts with the rock. If you don’t understand your reservoir, how can you drill it, complete it, or produce from it effectively? Whether it’s deep-reading logging-while-drilling (LWD) steering your well through the most hydrocarbon-rich zones, capturing fluids for flow assurance studies, or building an accurate reservoir model to quantify your reserve estimates, you can count on Baker Hughes for the evaluation solutions you need. Our advanced logging technologies, powerful reservoir software, and experienced geoscience teams deliver the quality data and reservoir insight that maximizes your asset value. 

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Products & Services

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Completion assembly services

Two men study image log

ImageTrak high-resolution ultrasonic borehole imaging service

JewelSuite subsurface modeling software

JewelSuite subsurface modeling software

Photo of the Mechanical Pipe Cutter

Mechanical pipe cutter

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Tubing running services

VisiTrak reservoir navigation and analysis service

VisiTrak reservoir navigation and analysis service

volatiles analysis service illustration

Volatiles analysis service (VAS)